Friday, December 02, 2005

Arrival and first impressions

1 December 2005

Lights from the fishing boats & many islands of Maldives dot the Indian Ocean - the ride was truly magical, thrilling yet altogether mysterious at the same time. After a 30 minute ride on the speedboat, we arrived at Club Med Kani. A walk on the jetty flanked by clear waters & schools of small fish led to the island. No words can express the magical feeling of stepping onto soft powdery sand - my holiday has started - I'm miles away from the rushed city life, on this idyllic island. We were greeted by Gilles, Chef de Village & his team of friendly Club Med GOs who served us refreshing towels, ice tea & a hot buffer dinner. All this, with a traditional Maldivian music performance.

2 December 2005

When I opened my eyes this morning & looked out of the window to an awesome view, I experienced yet another truly magical moment - sunshine & crystal clear waters with amazing layers of blues. I eagerly stepped out of the door & proceeded to the Velhi, one of two restaurants in the village. I had a marvellous breakfast of fresh juices & breads & pastries.

I'm off to snorkelling & will be back with more exciting stories & breathtaking pictures!