Monday, October 26, 2009

Kanuhura Hotel - Sun Resort Group

Last acquisition of Sun Resorts Group, the hotel now boasts the expertise of Mauritius.

A hundred houses declined in 5 categories, Beach Villas (62 m2) with the Grand Water Villas (135 m2). Not to be missed for fans of Robinson Crusoe, the private island (and deserted!) of Jehunuhura, located 5 minutes by boat from the hotel. Lhaviyani Atoll, 40 minutes by seaplane from Malé. 7 nights in a Beach Villa, from 2 589 E / pers., Flights, transfers and offered breakfast included.

Beach House, The Waldorf-Astoria Collection

Waldorf Astoria Collection will open his first address in the Maldives with the already famous Beach House on the Isle of Manafaru.

Haa Alifu Atoll, 45 minutes by seaplane from Malé. 9 d. / 7 n., from 4 190 E TTC / pers., Flights, transfers, nights in overwater villa with pool and breakfast.

Hilton Iru Fushi Resort and Spa

Iru Fushi reopened its doors under the Hilton brand.

Villas immersed in nature, beach villas with private pool villas on stilts and decorated with a Jacuzzi. Noonu Atoll, 45 minutes by seaplane from Malé. 9 d. / 7 n., from 2 793 E TTC / pers., Flights, transfers, nights Beach Villa (double base) and breakfast.

climate refugees in the Maldives

The people of Maldives may have to eventually live in a "climate refugee camp,"
Mohamed Nasheed the president of the archipelago warned on Thursday, urging rich countries to sign a treaty against the warming of the planet.

The Maldives has a history dating back over 2,000 years and we do not share our paradise against a camp of climate refugees he said at a summit on climate change.

Considering his country as a frontline state in the fight against climate change, Mr Nasheed said that global warming threatened to overwhelm the island in the Indian Ocean.

Emerging countries have not contributed to the crisis and the industrialized countries should avoid complacency.

This archipelago, composed of 1,192 islands, is a popular exotic destination for wealthy tourists but a rise of water could threaten the archipelago.

Over 80% of land is located less than a meter above sea level, an increase of one meter above the sea level is enough to overwhelm the country.

The threat is such that Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected president said his government planned to buy new land.

At the initiative of Mr. Nasheed, last Saturday a ministerial meeting was held under water, a world first aimed to draw attention on the effects of global warming.

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Committee of the UN Climate Change has warned that rising sea levels by 2100 would be sufficient to render the island uninhabitable.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Luxury bungalows sitting on stilts in the sea

As our seaplane banks, turns around and returns to the Maldives island paradise, the sheer number of lagoon has become a place of interest.

For years I was attracted by the sight of these luxury bungalows sitting on stilts in the sea.

I wanted to live in one and of course I was not a Robinson Crusoe.

To meet the demand, most of the inhabited islands in the lagoon built bungalow on stilts.

And there were my bungalow on the larger island of Kani Maldives.

This lagoon suite is a fascinating experience, with the constant sound of water below the display on a small island, the luxury of a king-size beds, mosquito net and a large bathroom with a view over the water.

A ladder down to the water so that guests can take a bath at any time of day or night.

And no need to worry about sharks - they are small here.

Bungalows in the ocean

If our aircraft had taken the same direction for an hour or two, we would have seen hundreds of others from 1196 Maldives' islands and atolls of the Myriad.

Approximately 200 of these islands are inhabited, but the population is just over 300,000, and 100,000 of those accounts for capital Male.

The tourists and the fishing industry are the two whealth of this small country.

And tourists, like the bungalows in the ocean.

coral, turquoise lagoons, white sand and lush greenery

Warwick in the Maldives.

The chain of islands below us and the horizon beyond, as our float plane tour takes us to the south.

All with coral, turquoise lagoons, white sand and lush greenery.

Well-formed waves breaking on the reefs and atolls spread throughout the archipelago.

No wonder, the Maldives are surfers paradise.

The water there is around 27 degrees Celsius, the air temperature around 32nd

A tropical paradise after another, everywhere you look.

A paradise for fishermen at sea, by all accounts.

For sailors of a bygone era, say the locals, it would not appear so attractive.

Shallow waters and coral snavelling been known for large boats.

Six senses Resorts & Spas

From October 1 to December 15 2009, therapists will be at the Six Senses Resorts & Spas. Customers will receive a 20% reduction in Spas Hotels Six Senses Hideaway and Evason, and consultation will be free in the Soneva Maldives hotel. Tourists can discover Reiki, naturopathy and Qi Gong among other therapies.

Created in 1995, the Group Six Senses Resorts & Spas develops and manages luxury facilities in Maldive, Oman, Thailand, Vietnam and Jordan under 6 brands : Soneva by Six Senses, Six Senses Hideaways, Evason Six Senses Latitudes, Six Senses Destination Spas brand and Spas found in all the Six Senses Hotels and also in hotels outside the group.

The purpose of the Resorts & Six Senses Spas is to offer innovative and enriching experiences and to promote the concept of Slow Life.

Archipelago of Maldives

The archipelago of Maldives is threatened by a possible flood of the ocean because of climate changes. It has decided to impose a green tax to all tourists come to enjoy its white sandy beaches and its maldivian resorts.
By asking a tax of $ 3 per day, the Maldives hopes to become the first carbon neutral nation, within 10 years. In March, the Maldivian government has announced its intention to replace fossil fuels by renewable energies on the resort islands. With an average of 700 000 tourists staying on average of three days in the islands, the Maldives could earn 6.3 million U.S. annually to fund this project.