Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Luxury bungalows sitting on stilts in the sea

As our seaplane banks, turns around and returns to the Maldives island paradise, the sheer number of lagoon has become a place of interest.

For years I was attracted by the sight of these luxury bungalows sitting on stilts in the sea.

I wanted to live in one and of course I was not a Robinson Crusoe.

To meet the demand, most of the inhabited islands in the lagoon built bungalow on stilts.

And there were my bungalow on the larger island of Kani Maldives.

This lagoon suite is a fascinating experience, with the constant sound of water below the display on a small island, the luxury of a king-size beds, mosquito net and a large bathroom with a view over the water.

A ladder down to the water so that guests can take a bath at any time of day or night.

And no need to worry about sharks - they are small here.